Office of the University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar is a vital arm of the University. It is the official recorder and keeper of records of the students. As official recorder, it serves as Secretariat in different administration committees, such as the Executive Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Committee on Student Progress, Admission and Graduation, and in the University Council meetings, and also acts as steering committee of the University Council Committees

Its service to its clientele, which includes the processing of papers, can be further enhanced by a website that is proactive as provider of information and interactive in its network with other offices. These services must reflect efficiency, economy, facility, responsibility and accountability in work.

As a repository of decades of student records, the OUR is both a source and resource of data that can be used for various researches. In order to improve the systems of acquiring, recording, storing, and retrieving information, full computerization of records, admission, registration, and other procedures are in order.

Mission Statement

To support the University's delivery of academic programs, the OUR is committed to :

  • ensure consistent compliance in the implementation of academic policies and procedures;
  • provide unstinting service related to admission, registration, academic records evaluation and issuance of credentials;
  • respond in a professional, efficient, courteous and sincere manner at all times.

Vision Statement

The OUR envisions itself as a model office that embodies the University's ideal of honor and excellence by implementing the highest standards of academic records management and committing to quality and timely service to its stakeholders with utmost integrity, honesty, and respect.

Office of the University Registrar