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List of GE Courses

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Course Code and Number Course Title Course Description
ARTS 1 Critical Perspectives in the Arts A critical study of the experience, language, and context of art
Eng 13 Writing as Thinking A course in critical thinking, reading, and writing in English
ETHICS 1 Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Everyday Life The nature and development, sources and frameworks of ethics and moral reasoning and their application to various issues and contexts
Fil 18 Oryentasyong Filipino sa Akademikong Pagsulat Akademikong pagsulat sa Filipino na may mapanuri, malikhain, at makabayang lapit
LIS 10 Information and Society Appreciation of the role of information in human endeavors in the context of its creation, management, dissemination, and use in an increasingly information-driven society
MATH 10 Mathematics, Culture, and Society Appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics through the examination of its nature, development, utility, and its relationship with culture and society
PHILARTS 1 Philippine Arts and Culture Approaches to Philippine Arts and Culture
Speech 30 Public Speaking and Persuasion Persuasion in various public speaking situations
SAS 1 Self and Society Understanding the self by examining the interaction of biological, psychological and socio-cultural dimensions and appreciating human agency and the emergence of the self in different social contexts
Anthro 10 Bodies, Senses and Humanity Interaction of biology and culture in the shaping of humanity
Archaeo 2 Archaeological Heritage: The Past is not a Foreign Land A survey of archaeological research and its role in the development of knowledge about the collective human past, and its contribution to heritage in the contemporary world
Arkiyoloji 1 Ang Pilipinas: Arkiyoloji at Kasaysayan Ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas nakasentro sa kaalaman mula sa arkiyoloji, at ugnayan ng sinaunang kasaysayan ng rehiyon sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas
Art Stud 2 Art Around Us: Exploring Everyday Life
Bio 1 Contemporary Topics in Biology Recent developments in biology and pertinent concerns on the nature of life, health and related social issues
Chem 1 Chemistry: Science that Matters Basic chemistry concepts relevant to everyday life
CW 10 Creative Writing for Beginners A workshop exploring the potentials of creative writing as expression, as discipline and as a way of thinking about the society in which we live
DRMAPS * Disaster Risk Mitigation, Adaptation, and Preparedness Strategies Introduction to principles and practices of natural disaster risk management by mitigation of, adaptation to, and preparedness for risk, through all related disciplines aiming for resilience
Econ 11 Markets and the State Essential economic concepts and their use in analyzing real-world issues
Eng 11 Literature and Society The critical study of various literary genres as a dynamic interaction between the individual and social and cultural forces
Eng 12 World Literatures The study of representative/landmark texts from the literatures of the world
Eng 30 English for the Professions Principles and uses of writing in English in the various disciplines/professions
Env Sci 1 Environment and Society Introduction to principles and concepts in the study of the natural environment within a societal framework
FA 28 Arts in the Philippines Art and art making the Filipino way
FA 30 Art Pleasures The fine art of enjoying art
Fil 40 Wika, Kultura, at Lipunan Ang relasyon ng Filipino sa kultura at lipunang Pilipino
Film 10 Sining Sine Film as art and social practice
Film 12 Sine Pinoy Philippine cinema as art form and cultural product
FN 1 Food Trip Food and nutrition in daily living
GE 1 Earth Trek A guided exploration into the tools and techniques of earth observation and measurement
Geog 1 Places and Landscapes in a Changing World Overview of the diversity of interconnections of peoples and places in a globalizing world as mediated by cultures, politics and historical development
Geol 1 Our Dynamic Earth The study of how the earth works, its place in the universe; and the relationship between people and the physical environment
Kas 1 Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas Ang pampulitika, pang-ekonomiya, panlipunan, at pangkalinangang pagsulong ng Pilipinas
Kas 2 Ang Asya at ang Daigdig Ang pamanang pangkalinangan ng Asya sa pagkakaugnay at ang kaugnayan nito sa kabihasnang pandaigdig
L Arch 1 Designing Eden: Introduction to Philippine Landscape Architecture Walking-through Philippine landscape architecture through sciences and arts
Lingg 1 Ikaw at Wika Mo Mga pangunahing konsepto tungo sa pag-unawa, paggamit, at pagpapahalaga sa wika bilang produkto ng talino ng tao sa kanyang pang-araw-araw na pakikipag-ugnayan, at higit sa lahat, sa konteksto ng sitwasyong pangwika sa Pilipinas
Math 2 * Mathematics in Everyday Life Basic mathematical concepts and skills in everyday life
MBB 1 Biotechnology and You Historical events, processes, products, issues, and concerns in modern biotechnology
MPs 10 Ang Hiwaga at Hikayat ng Panulat sa Filipino Malikhaing pagbasa at masining na pagsulat ng mga natatanging anyong pampanitikan, kasama ang mga makabagong anyong teknolohikal
MS 1 Oceans and Us The functional balance between the health of the oceans and the survival and improvement of our way of life
Pan Pil 17 Panitikan at Kulturang Popular Ang relasyon ng panitikan at popular na kultura sa kasalukuyan
Pan Pil 19 Sexwalidad, Kasarian at Panitikan Pag-aaral ng interaksyon ng panitikan at mga usapin sa seksuwalidad at kasarian
Philo 1 Philosophical Analysis Application of basic concepts, skills and principles drawn from the Philosophy of Language, Symbolic Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Ethics
Philo 10 Approaches to Philosophy Overview of major philosophical traditions
Philo 11 Logic Techniques of formal deduction within the scope of sentential and predicate logic
Physics 10 Physics and Astronomy for Pedestrians A “walk-through” course for people who want to enjoy physics and astronomy
SEA 30 Asian Emporiums: Networks of Culture and Trade in Southeast Asia An introduction to the world of monsoon Asia as formed by interaction among its peoples throughout the centuries
Soc Sci 2 Social, Economic and Political Thought A survey of social, economic and political thought from classical to contemporary times
Socio 10 Being Filipino: A Sociological Exploration A sociological examination of persistent issues of nationhood, selfhood and citizenship in Philippine society
STS 1 * Science, Technology and Society Analyses of the past, present and future of science and technology in society (including their nature, scope, role and function) and the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental factors affecting the development of science and technology, with emphasis on the Philippine setting
Theatre 11 Dula at Palabas An introductory survey to Philippine theatre from rituals to contemporary forms
Theatre 12 Acting Workshop An introduction to the art and skill of acting for the theatre