Office of the University Registrar

List of Memoranda (2018)

MEMO MTTP NO 18-22 - Leave of Absence Reminders

MEMO MTTP NO 18-21 - Deadline for Dropping

MEMO MTTP NO 18-20 - Clarification on Domain-Specific GE Requirements

MEMO MTTP NO 18-19 - Reminders Regarding Certificate of Non-Attendance and "Forced DRP"

MEMO MTTP NO 18-18 - Important Dates for the First Semester 2018-2019

MEMO MTTP NO 18-15 - Meeting to Discuss OVPAA & OVPPF Join Memorandum No. 5

MEMO MTTP NO 18-14 - Dry-Run for Commencement Exercises 2018 and College Secretaries and Graduate Programs Coordinators Meeting

MEMO MTTP NO 18-12 - Automatic Grade of 5 from Lapsed 4, Second Semester 2016-2017

MEMO MTTP NO 18-11 - Deadline for Submission of College-Approved List of Candidates for Graduation(2S 2017-2018) and Signed Data Privacy Consent Form

MEMO MTTP NO 18-10 - Data Privacy Consent Form

MEMO MTTP NO 18-09 - Important Reminders on Issuance of University Admission Slips(UAS)

MEMO MTTP NO 18-08 - Processing of University Admission Slips (UAS) of New Graduate Students

MEMO MTTP NO 18-06 - Meeting on Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No.10931

MEMO MTTP NO 18-05 - Admission Requirements for Shiftees and Transferees from other UP Units and other Schools and Application Deadlines

MEMO MTTP NO 18-04 - Deficiencies of Students

MEMO MTTP NO 18-03 - University Rule on Class Dismissal

MEMO MTTP NO 18-02 - Extension of Payment - Second Semester 2017-2018

MEMO MTTP NO 18-01 - Extension of Registration - Second Semester 2017-2018

MEMO ERJ NO 18-02 - Extension of Deadline of Change of Matriculation

MEMO ERJ NO 18-01 - Parent-Child Encoding Processes

List of Memoranda (2017 and older)