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We wish to remind you of the registration schedule this coming 1st semester 2016-2017, as follows:

August 2016 Regular registration for: Other important dates
1, Monday Freshmen, graduating, varsity and graduate students
2-3, Tuesday - Wednesday All UPD and graduate students
4-5, Thursday - Friday All students, including cross registrants/non-degree, special students
10, Wednesday Deadline for withdrawal of enlistment
16, Monday Deadline for change of marticulation
8, Monday Start of classes

To avoid congestion, please be reminded to come to the schedules alloted to you. Moreover, we hope that all registration transactions will have been completed by the end of the regular registration period.

Further, please be reminded of the following payment schemes:

  1. Cash
  2. Cashier's or manager's cheque
  3. Debit card
  4. Through duly authorized banks: LBP or DBP
  5. Student loan.Students who have unavailable or deficient funds, have pending ST appeals, are awaiting funds from personal benefactors or institutional donors, etc. are advised to please avail of this facility.

    • Note that the BOR approved the policy that "a student who is unable to pay the required tuition and other fees due to financial incapacity may apply for, and shall be granted, a loan from the Student Loan Board to complete the registration."

      Waivers of ineligibility due to unpaid previous loans are also appealable to the Chancellor (through proper channels), but must be done before the end of the registration period.

      Moreover, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) has other available schemes for dealing with financial difficulties. You may go to the Office of Scholarships and Student Services, OVCSA if you are experiencing such.

In view of these, the OUR will now implement a NO LATE PAYMENT policy beyond announced deadlines for registration and other procedures related to student matriculation, such as dropping, change of matriculation (CoM) residency, leave of absence (LOA), etc.

However, in certain exceptional situations, requests for late payment may still be appealed to the Office of the Chancellor, through the proper channels. Enlistments, and requests for CoM, dropping, LOA, etc, should at least be validated online.However, please take note that such appeals will be processed in only two (2) batches during the semester:

  • Cycle 1: three (3) days before the week for deadline for dropping
  • Cycle 2: three (3) days before the week for deadline for filing of LOA

Therefore, the Cashier's Office will receive late payments for registration and other registration-related transactions only if they fall within the announced extended transaction periods and the cycles mentioned above.

Thank you

For your guidance

List of 1st Semester 2016-2017 Student RAs

Student Number Name
2013-59001 Abad Santos, Bettina Y.
2015-05694 Abad Santos, Martin Y.
2013-29576 Alcovindas, Rachelle L.
2015-89883 Atadero, Angelino DR.
2014-60866 Banta, Robin Jerome D.
2015-08391 Batangan, Tala Celina U.
2014-04187 Cacayan, Jayden A.
2014-04058 Cansino, Micol John G.
2014-27969 Cariño, Jose Mariano N.
2014-61028 Crisostomo, Karl Gerard R.
2014-89481 De los Reyes, Princess Camille R.
2013-78755 Dela Paz, Jenefer S.
2014-60881 Dela Paz, Julie Ann S.
2014-61174 Duñgo, Cedric Arnold R.
2014-61041 Galban, Philippe Jefferson A.
2014-23103 Galola, Sharmaine Claire S.
2012-25205 Gamboa, Gerard Dominic M.
2013-12745 Garcia, Hanna Mae L.
2015-05382 Gatus, Daniella Marie B.
2015-08972 Germar, Bianca Isadora P.
2013-14341 Gozun, Gia Paula V.
2015-08564 Hernandez, Austin Keith C.
2014-29154 Hernandez, Sophia Raine C.
2013-59147 Lacanilao, Marika Gabrielle E.
2015-02591 Madarang, Niña Angelica A.
2011-16492 Manguray, Alarice Ann F.
2013-78635 Marco, Dianne Mae A.
2012-25227 Mateo, Gaela Pearl R.
2013-70088 Mediavillo, Sean Paolo L.
2014-50371 Miranda, Mariella Noelle G.
2014-04244 Morales, Christine Aira M.
2014-06433 Mutuc, Loraima T.
2013-71049 Ong, Jendrich Spencer C.
2012-24583 Palomique, Kimberly R.
2014-04257 Peralta, Meredith M.
2014-51750 Rey, Monika Patrice T.
2014-60844 Reyes, Disa Nicola R.
2012-41251 Rodriguez, Gabrielle S.
2013-14283 Sanchez, Joana Camille S.
2014-23055 Santiago, Frederic Mark II M.
2013-03354 Serrano, Anna Isabel P.
2013-14361 Serrano, Genevieve L.
2012-79054 Tan, Meryl Mae B.
2014-04291 Tongson, Maria Regina C.
2014-33849 Ugaddan, Raphael Mark I.
2013-19712 Yau, Marc Alec Dominic O.

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